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Telecon is the Enterprise solution to Windows Firewall management

Why use Telecon

Telecon is highly focused central Window Firewall management system.

Besides being able to manage all your Windows Firewalls, lock and secure individual Firewall policies and provide comprehensive security tracking, it does the same job as the Microsoft Firewall interface.

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Telecons' architecture is classic client server over IP with three software components, the first being the Telecon Server. This program is installed as a service on a secure computer and left continuously running. Its job is to store all Windows Firewall profiles, update all the clients, receive change information from the clients and present all data visually to the Telecon console.

The Telecon Console component is installed as an application on any secure administrator computer. The interface has been deliberately designed to be both obvious and familiar. Once connected to the server it is ready to send and receive change information from the clients. With a few clicks of the mouse your entire client population could have a new Firewall profile.

The Telecon Client component is a tiny service installation that can be pushed-out from the console using the Rollout button. Alternatively the client service can be individually pulled-in to each computer from the Telecon server. The clients' job is to locally manage and protect the Window Firewall on its' machine, using information found on the server.

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