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About Microsoft Firewall

What to do about Windows Firewall

The release of Windows Firewall is mandatory for all new XP systems and for SP2 upgrades.

Your stark choice is to disable Microsoft Firewall or use it. Telecon provides a straight forward way of doing both - Enterprise Wide.

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Growing concerns about the threat of attacks and their devastating potential, lead Microsoft to take action. The introduction of Windows XP Service Pack 2 Firewall was designed to dampen the spread and hopefully extinguish the effect of indiscriminate virus attack and unauthorized access.

By default, Windows Firewall is enabled on all XP SP2 computers. The Firewall closes ports to prevent Internet-connected computers from connecting to file and print shares on your computer or from connecting to other resources. However these measures designed to improve security have introduced complexity in other areas.

You need strong and effective central firewall management to reduce the impacts on your existing and your possible future systems. Without good firewall control, viruses can circumvent the Windows Firewall and users or applications can change settings with impunity. It is therefore imperative that the firewall administrator has the ability to effortlessly set firewall policy across the entire network and is notified of all independent firewall policy changes.

SP2 Firewall Telecon does all this as you would expect in an obvious and direct way.

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