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Control every Microsoft Firewall from your Telecon workstation

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So you have an issue with Microsoft XP Service Pack 2 Firewall?

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We make Microsoft Windows Firewall work - for you.

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The introduction of the Microsoft Windows Firewall through XP Service Pack 2 has become of serious concern to all IT Professionals.

Telecon is a management console giving you full control over every MS Firewall

Network administrators have demanded a simple and reliable central Windows Firewall Control system to deal with the issues arising from Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Firewall.

SP2 Firewall Telecon offers the administrator a quick installation, no required training and immediate working benefits.

SP2 Firewall Telecon is an Enterprise solution and can manage an unlimited number of client firewalls.

Telecon can be downloaded, installed and up and running in minutes

SP2 Firewall Telecon deploys Microsoft Windows Firewall policies across your entire network in moments and protects against potential user and application threats.

Unbelievably low cost

Take control and centrally manage all your Microsoft Windows Firewalls for an unbelievably low one-off cost.

You've told us your concerns about Windows XP Firewall

"I want to disable Windows Firewall."

"I need to stop spyware and other changes to Windows Firewall settings."

"I must track all authorised Windows Firewall changes."

"I must be able to easily change Windows Firewalls across large sections of my network."

"I am considering making Windows Firewall my network standard".

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